The Adventure at Babies R Us

Well my friend Dani and I decided to take a trip to Babies R Us together this morning with both of our girls. Kenzie is 14 months and Syd is 19 months. So we drive together to the store which really there are not any close by which kinda stinks when you are a mom because Babies R Us is like the ultimate baby store. Anyways we get to BRU (babies r us) and get the kiddos into carts. My child hates the shopping carts so for about 3 months now we have been letting her sit in the basket which is not the best will learn why in a few minutes. So we start shopping around and were in the pacifier section checking out the cools one that they have for little boys when I hear a thud on the ground. We both turn around and there is sydney on her back on the tile floor. I run over to her where she starts to cry. One of the BRU ladies rushes to get her an ice pack which I proceed to place it on the back of her head thinking that is where there will be a bump since I saw her on her back. I feel like such a horrible mom but I was with a good friend who made me feel not that horrible. Anyways so it takes Sydney about 20 min to calm down when I have to fill out an incident report, they ask me 5 times if I want to file a claim. I told them every time, it is my fault she fell I did not have her strapped in and so no I do not want to file a claim its my fault. (But I did get some free tylenol out of this adventure) Sydney ended up falling asleep in my arms when I noticed she did not hit the back of her head but rather the front right (when you are looking at her) and the welt is nice and big, and she will most likely have a black eye out of this! The Dr. told me to bring her to the ER if she starts not acting herself and throwing up. Neither of those have happened and she just finished eating her lunch so as of right now everything is better than her poor little face looks.

So the lesson to my story is No ONE put there kids in the basket part of the shopping cart!

Here are pictures of the accident on the day that it happened

Here you can see her bruise under her eye on the right...the knot on her head is also on the right but the picture does not show it too well.
You can see her know a little better here, by here ear it is a little swollen.
And here is just a crazy shot of my crazy kid!