Bath Time at the Marinellos

Her serious wet face.

Her cute little wet face. How can you not love this kid!

Sydney wanted to throw water on her was pretty cute!

Tonight I wanted to get some pictures of Sydney in the bath since it has been so long since we have some cute bath pictures. Every day I fall more and more in love with Sydney she truly is a miracle from God. She learns something new every day it is so amazing. I keep Sydney to a pretty strict schedule. She wakes up in the morning and is sooo ready for breakfast. She eats breakfast and gets to watch her morning cartoons which is "Jacks big music show". She laughs so hard at the show and loves to dance during the music parts which are adorable. We then either play with toys, go for a walk, run errands, or go out and do something fun. I try to do something once a week that is a little different like, go to the pool, zoo, or the mesa museum for the youth. We have lunch at 11:00 sometime 11:30 (now she knows around what time lunch is so she goes right to her highchair and taps on it till I put her in it) and then she goes down for a nap at about 12pm. She normally sleeps for about 2 hours sometimes 3. We hang out for the rest of the afternoon and wait for daddy to come home. (Since we can hear daddy's car come in the driveway she runs to the window and watch him come to the door. Daddy loves being greeted by his little Syd Bears.) We eat dinner at about 5:30 and then have a bath by 7pm and bed by 7:30.

 After I put her to bed tonight and kissed that sweet little face of hers I just thought about all the little things in her life that I can take for granted. Every smile, bath, laugh, cry, kiss, tantrum, walking with her, watching her try and talk, swimming with her, and so on...I could go on for ever. I want to try and capture all of the small memories that we make together so that she can go back and read about them. Someone told me before she was born to have a journal and write in it whenever you can and give it to her when she graduates from high school. So I did that as soon as I found out that I was pregnant and I try to write in it as much as I can. Besides scrapbooks that is one of the most precious things to me. I hope that I can stick to this blog like that so she has more memories to look back on and see what a blessing she is too us and how much her daddy and I love her!