Crazy Kid

I ended up putting Sydney in swimming lessons with Nicole and it did not quite turn out like I thought it would. She cried the entire time she was in the water. She normally loves the water so I was not sure what her problem was so after two days of torturing Sydney and Nicole I decided to pull her out of the lessons so that she would not end up hating the water. I have now signed her up for lessons that we both will be in the water together so we shall see how that turns out!
Lately Sydney has been playing with dolls a ton, especially at grandma's house. I never got her a doll because I am not the girly type and well I really did not care if she never had a doll but I changed my mind and decided that I would get her one. So this past Monday I went out and bought Sydney a doll and a little doll set that comes with a stroller, swing, pack in play, and a highchair. She absolutely LOVES it. Tuesday morning she played with it for 4 hours non-stop. Gotta love the little girl :)