Fun at the Zoo

Well Sunday we decided early in the morning that we would go to the zoo and get a family membership so we can go whenever we want! So we headed out to the zoo for a fun filled morning. We got to the zoo at about 7:30am so it was still nice out.

Here is Sydney in the car on the way to the zoo...she is a little excited to go can't you tell?
Here she is, daddy took the picture after we left the savanna! She wants a snack not her picture taken.
Michael took her into monkey island, thats his favorite thing at the zoo and he said that Sydney enjoyed it too.
This was Sydney's favorite thing to watch...the orangutan's. She could have watched them for hours if we would have let her. Here is the baby orangutan trying to swing. All together there were 4 but this was the only one doing anything.

Now here is Sydney with a grumpy face and wanting down so she can run around.

At the end of our morning Syd got to play at the splash pad that they have at the zoo. It took her a while to get use to it and then she started to have fun. Here she is trapped inside the fountain trying to get out without getting wet. She ended up running out of it and little upset. Mike and I just laughed at her and then gave her a little comfort hug.

All in all I would say that we had a great morning at the zoo and we shall do it again something. Until my next post, have a great day and rest of the week!