Life in general!

 Well I am kinda new at this blog thing but I am starting to get the hang of it and I really quite enjoy finding friends that have them too! So really nothing new in our little world. Mike is off to work and I am trying to put Sydney down for a nap but I think she will only be getting one today, which in the end is okay. 
 One Monday and Tuesday I took Sydney to a public pool that has a beach entry and she absolutely loved it. She would just walk around in the water and when ever she felt like it she would go under. Sometimes I would have to help her up but other times she would realize that she can stand up. I love watching all the new little adventures that she find such joy out of. While at the pool on Tuesday she learn the word sit and she says it all the time now and she knows what it means. For example we are watching my parents dog starting today and when she got up this morning he was standing by her little green chair and she looked right at him and said "dog sit!" It was the cutest thing ever. 
 I am going to get the little monster up...but more later!