Mike and I got to go to Disneyland for a short vacation and my parents wanted to watch Sydney, so we got to go alone which was amazing. 

Day 1: We left Wednesday June 2nd at 4:30am and headed out on the road for 6 hours. We had so much fun talking and listening to music. We stopped for breakfast on the way and it was nice to just have breakfast together and just talk and enjoy each other.  We got to Disneyland around 11:00am and headed into the park. We had a three day park hopper pass which was so exciting to me because I have not been to Disneyland since I was 8, and Mike use to go every year with his Dad until we got married so Mike was really excited too. We rode Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones, The Buzz ride, and Pirates until about 3pm and then headed to find our hotel and check in. The hotel was about 5 min away from Disney which was so nice because we could go back and forth. We hung out and relaxed until like 5pm and then headed back for some more fun. Instead of Disneyland we went to California Adventure which we both had never been before. We went on Tower of Terror, Screamin California, Monsters INC, and Soarin California.  By that time we were both exhausted and ready to go to bed. So we headed back to the hotel and got a bite to eat and went straight to bed. 

Day 2 (Thursday): We got to go into the park an hour before it opened which was so nice because we got to ride all of the rides that we loved. We first went on Space Mountain in Tomorrow land, and there was no wait for that ride at all. Here is a picture of the rockets when you enter into Tomorrow Land.
After that we went on the Matterhorn, all I remembered from a kid was a white monster so that was fun to see that ride again. And again the wait was just like 5 min because not too many people were in the park yet. We then went on the Haunter Mansion ride which is one of Mike's favorites because of all the ghosts and the imagination that went into creating that ride. Here is a picture of the Haunted Mansion.We then wanted to go on the Indiana Jones ride but the wait was getting long so we did a fast pass and in the mean time we went on the jungle ride which is on a boat. Here are some picture from the boat.

Here is Mike entering Frontierlane!
Here is the entrance to Indiana Jones. This is Mike's all time favorite ride. The first time I went on it I have to admit I was a little scared but then I really liked it the second time I rode it.
And Finally we got to go on splash mountain. The line was long so we did a fast pass again so to waist time before the ride we went on the Winnie the Pooh ride which Sydney would have loved if she was with us. So after that we got to go on Splash Mountain which is my favorite ride. 
Here I am when the ride started. Mike is right behind me :)
Before you go inside the Mountain
His little home
All the characters singing
Before the big drop!
After our fun filled morning we headed to Downtown Disney and went and saw the movie Hancock which we both loved and we got to relax while watching it. After the movie we went and got some lunch and went back to the hotel to rest so that we could come back that evening.

We went on the teacups that night.
And we also went on thunder mountain, and Mr. Toads wild adventure.  Then we headed over to California Adventure again and went on a few more rides before ending our night. 

Day 3 (Friday): We got up and headed out to disneyland and the first thing we did was watch the parade that was going on. There were so many people there because it was the 4th of July. For future reference do not go to Disney on the 4th they said that it is the craziest days of the year, and they are right. We did splash mountain first thing in the morning so there would be no line and then we went to toon-town and at about 11am the park was so crowded that I did not want to be there anymore.
Here is Mike with a carmel apple. The park was so crowded we decided to hang out in a shop to get away from it all. We then decided to get Sydney some Mickey ears which have her name on it, and I had to get a few of the pennies made because I collet them.
We heard that California Adventure was not as bad so we finished up our day there.
Day 4 (Saturday): We drove 6 hours home to see our adorable little girl who we missed so much. I can not wait until Sydney will enjoy Disneyland. I am sure it will become our yearly vacation!