Mike's friend from work Brent, and his wife Christina wanted to get away for a night in June so we got to watch their little guy James! He is the cutest little boy ever! So we packed up the kiddos and went to Mike's moms house for a little swimming and jumping on the trampoline. They loved playing with each other on the tramp. James is in love with any kind of balls so that is what he spent most of his time doing.  
Here are a few pictures of the kids playing on the trampoline.

Here is James playing with the ball while Sydney tries jumping on the tramp. I love watching kids try things out for the first time, it is so cute.

Here is cute James holding the ball. He has the cutest eyes ever!

And here is again laying on the trampoline after running around for a little while!

So after playing for a while we went inside and had some dinner, and then headed home to get ready for bed. Both the kids we actually just Sydney got a bath while I got James ready for bed. Mike held Sydney and gave her some milk while I gave James his milk. They we both so tired and went right to bed. We only have a 2 bedroom home so both kids had to sleep in the same room. They did Great, we did not hear a peep out of them till the morning. It was a great time with James and Sydney loved it too!