Random things and the Zoo.

Well it has been a while since I have posted anything! There is nothing new in Arizona still HOT as can be, and the only thing to do outside is swim, swim, swim! Lately Sydney has been really interested in books which is great and a lot better than TV. So we have been reading tons of books. We ask her where things are in the books and she will point them out.

A funny thing Sydney started doing this week is actually saying Michael. It must be because I say Michael all the time but she knows who Michael is and she will point to him when saying his name. She also knows that Michael is daddy. I just thought that was so funny because she does not know me as Melissa so I must just say Michael all the time! Here are a few pictures just hanging around the house.

A few weeks ago Mike and I decided to go to the zoo again early in the morning and Sydney for the first time actually loved the zoo. Here are a few pictures of the zoo.

Here is Sydney at the petting area of the zoo...she loved the goats and normally she is quite scared of bigger animals but she loved it. 

We were actually trying to leave the petting area in this picture but as you can tell Sydney did not want to leave. She really wanted to stay, and she cried when I picked her up and walked away.

Pointing at the goats.

Wanting to go and touch the goat but then she chickened out.

Sydney like the baby orangutan and she would laugh when they would swing around.

The guy was just sitting at the window staring so we put Sydney next to it and well...

It did not last too long and then Sydney starting crying because the monkey just kept looking at her.

And here is the beautiful Lion...it was so cool to watch run around and climb in the trees.

Have a great week, much love from the Marinello's