Well, this has been one crazy week. Monday and Tuesday Sydney was just not acting like herself, she whined all the time and just wanted to be held. On Wednesday we got up and she felt a little warm but we had to be at the church by 8:15 a.m so I took her temp and she was not warm enough for me not to go to work so out the door we went. (Every Wednesday’s I help out at the church from 8:30-12:15 and Sydney gets to go into her own class) We got to the church and found out which room I needed to be in so I went to drop Syd off into her room. On the way there I did not see the puddle that I stepped in, and I was wearing I fell and went straight on my knees and of course I had to be holding Syd. I tried everything in my power to hold her up and I did that by I could not keep her from swinging forward and she did just that and hit her head on a wall. So by this point she was not happy with me at all, then I had to drop her off to her class which got her even more upset with me. The rest of the day was rough because I could not get her fever down and get her comfortable.
Thursday morning I got her into the Dr. and she ended up having an ear infection which explains the fevers and why she was such a cranky pants. So Thursday we just spent the day at home chilling.
Friday, MY BIRTHDAY! I turned 26 years old and let me tell you I actually feel old :) I had a great day just hanging out with my hubby and little sick girl. Mike got me a lime green watch and some basketball shorts which I love to wear so that was great! My brother got me a cool green picture frame that he made at a place called “as you wish” which I love and will put a picture of the three of us in as soon as I get one. My mom and dad got me a Dyson vacuum cleaner, a green DVD player, frying pan, and some other kitchen stuff. Mike’s mom actually got us both something since Mike’s birthday is just 4 days after mine. She got us a little dog named Jack-Jack. We all love him especially Sydney. My parents watched Sydney so we could go out just the two of us. So I got to eat at Joe’s BBQ for free since it was my birthday, and then we came home and watched and movie and went to bed. The only down fall to the wonderful day was that our little sweet pea did not feel good.
Saturday I got to have a birthday dinner with my family which was really nice, we went to Nandos and they had the waiters bring me some ice-cream and sing to me which was a little embarrassing. And again Sydney was still not feeling well and also had a fever.
Sunday, which is today we just hung out at home and tried to get our little girl to feel a little bit better. She still has a slight fever and is still a little cranky but we have to give her a little break :)

Tomorrow Mike has the day off from work for the holiday so we should have some fun together as a family and then Tuesday is his BIRTHDAY! So I have some planning to do for his wonderful day!

Hugs and Kisses from us all!