Every Sunday Mike and I go and play indoor soccer. Normally my parents watch Sydney while we play soccer either at our house or if it is a late game then they take her to their house and she spends the night. Last Sunday we needed more players so we got my dad to come and play which meant that my mom needed to watch Sydney. We brought her to the game and my mom watched her there. She was not a very happy baby she just wanted me so my mom took her outside and she said that Sydney cried the whole game. It was a little weird playing with my whole family. I am the only one that played soccer my whole life and played a little in college but Mike, Steven, and my dad do the best that they can :) Here are a few pictures from last Sunday.

Michael, Me, and my brother Steven.
Steven, Jeff (my dad), Me, and Sydney
Our little family!
We ended up winning that game but tonights game Mike said that they lost, but thats okay we will win next Sunday.