23 Months

I can not believe that Sydney is going to be TWO in about 2 weeks. It is amazing how fast time flies. This little girl brings so much joy and happiness in our lives and I can not wait until we are blessed with another one!

This week there was not a lot going on. On Monday I watched Jack for a friend and while he was sleeping Sydney and I spent some time playing outside. She loves going outside especially since we do not have a backyard, so anytime we are around people with a backyard that is what she wants to do. Here are a few pictures of Sydney playing out back at Kelly's house.

Running with her crazy hair everywhere!
Playing with a ball
Going down slides.

On Tuesday Mike took the day off so that we could hang out together as a family which we really needed. We got to go to the mall and get a much needed new pair of flip-flops for both Mike and I. Then we had some lunch and let Sydney play in the play area for a little bit to get some energy out so that she would take a good nap. That night Sydney and I went to a friends house and Sydney got to play with Kenzie while Dani and I got to hang out and chat. Here are a few pictures at the mall and then the drive home :)

Sydney decided that she needed to pray!
And pray again!
This one is my favorite :)
What Syd does best...stick her fingers up her nose.
On Wednesday I work at the church in the mornings and we have to be there by 8:15am but this past Wednesday Mike was meeting with his boss at starbucks so we decided to go with him a little bit earlier and hang out together, but that did not work out as planned because we did not get there too early so when we got there Matt was already there! Here are a few pictures I took yesterday of her playing around and being the dork that she is :)

She Loves Jack

Last year on this exact date I took a picture of Sydney playing on her princess car, so this year I did the same shot. Last year she was not able to move the car by herself so I was able to get a better shot, this year she just kept moving away from me  :) I can not believe how much she has grown in 1 year. 

Oct 29 2008
Oct 29 2007
Tomorrow is Halloween...and Sydney is going to be Tinkerbell and I can not wait to get some adorable pictures of her all dressed up! Thanks Lisa for letting us use the Tinkerbell costume!!