Oh Happy Days...

Well Tuesday was a good day! Sydney of course woke up at the crack of dawn and ate some breakfast and hung out with daddy till he left for work. I then got myself and Sydney ready. I went to Lisa's house where we hung out for the afternoon and had a great time. I love watching the kids interact with eachother! Sydney is quite a bit younger than her three older kids but they were so patient with Sydney which can be a hard thing to do sometimes :) To say the least Sydney and I had a great time.

On the way home I was so glad that Syd did not fall asleep so that I did not have to try and move her cause she always wakes up. So I got home and put her to bed. And guess who never took a nap, that's right Syd. This is the first time in her life that she has never had some sort of a nap during the day (even if that means a 20 min cat nap) today was NOTHING! So we kept her up till 7 which was really hard and put her to bed!

On Wednesday she did the same thing...No nap except the 20 min cat-nap that she got at the church. But today she did take a 2 hour nap but she turned the light on in her room which I thought was a little crazy so I peeked under the door to see if she was up and playing but I did not see her so I assume that she was sleeping but I did not want to open the door because she slammed it shut while she turned on her light. So she ended up with a nap which was good.

We have had a great few days with some crazy stuff mixed in so if you think of it could you keep us in your prayers. Thanks you! Here are some pictures on Sydney over the past few days...

Kissing our dog Jack
Her cheesy little smile