This Morning...

We got up, packed a lunch and headed to the Zoo and had a wonderful time. The weather was absolutely PERFECT! We got there when it opened and before it got too busy and walked around the whole zoo. Sydney loves to walk around rather than being in her stroller so it can take us a long time to walk the zoo. Here is a picture of Sydney and daddy walking together after being in the stroller for a while.
Mike loves to take pictures and he decided to bring his fish eye lens with him today so all of the picture with the circle were done by Mike. We went and saw the goats, Sydney's favorite, Tigers, Lions, Bears, Monkeys, Giraffes, Rhino's, and much, much more. Here are a few pictures from the zoo.

Before we went to the zoo I decided to try and straighten Sydney's hair. I am not sure I am a fan of the straight hair but I wanted to see what it would look like. So here is a before and after picture...
After the Zoo since the weather was so nice we let Sydney play outside on the front porch. She LOVES being outside so she had a blast. Here are a few more pictures of us spending some time outside :)
Sydney throwing the ball
She was not able to catch it.
Eating her pop-pop
Sydney and I enjoying the weather!
This morning was a perfect outing with the family...all I know is that we need to go to the Zoo more often since we have a membership! This afternoon we are going to try and go to the park because I can not stand being inside on this wonderful day!