Nothing new!

Well, not much is new around the Marinello's household. Thanksgiving was good, we great I guess nothing went wrong and we all had a good time so that was nice. We spent Thanksgiving day at Mike's moms house all day and Mike got to see some of his cousins which he only see during the holidays so it was nice to catch up with them.

On Thursday night my parents took Sydney over night and Mike and I were able to go out on Black Friday...even though we don't have any money to spend it was kinda fun to go out. We did find a few good deals and got some Christmas shopping done for the family.

Sunday was my side of the families Thanksgiving. We spent that over at my parents house, so I was officially done with the turkey!

I have no pictures to post because I was a dork and did not take any but there is nothing I can do about it now :)

I was officially 11 weeks yesterday which is a total blessing but still has not taken the anxiety away yet. Not sure when I will stop worrying about it but, eventually it shall get easier! Prayers are welcome.