I am not sure how I am feeling but I guess in one word it would be "frustrated"...I really can not describe to you why I am frustrated, I just am. I am frustrated with myself because I am trying so hard to enjoy this pregnancy, and I feel that I have gotten past the "beyond freaked out" stage but I am still worrying and I know that I need to put all my trust in God and just enjoy this wonderful miracle. 

Sydney is giving us a run for our money with discipline. When she was younger she was just so cute and well behaved and then something happened...and now we have a very, I mean very, strong willed child. So I struggle every day with the questions...Am I doing this right? Am I raising this child the way God wants me to? Should I be disciplining her for this? ECT.  

Life is just hard for me right now, and I know that it will get better but for now I am just praying that God shows me what I should be learning in these moments!