We are having a...


Today we had an ultrasound at 9:30am and we decided that we wanted to know what we were having. I could tell right away what we were having and had to tell Mike and he was so excited. He has been super excited all day! Mike's mom watched Sydney for us during the ultrasound and that also allowed us to go out to breakfast after. We use to do that after our doctor appointments when I was pregnant with Sydney so it was a fun and cool thing to do again!

We do have a name picked out for our little peanut. His name is going to be Ezekiel. 

Thanks to all of you who have been praying a ton for this little guy and as of right now this little guy is absolutely perfect. And LMAC thanks for always been around for me when I freaked out or when I will freak out. You have been there for me from the beginning and its totally amazing how God's timing is perfect in everything! You have been a solid rock for me during these past few months and I couldn't be more thankful!

Well I have not scanned the ultrasound pictures onto the computer yet, so when I get that done I will post them :)