So something that tends to hit a nerve with me is when certain people tell me things when they should really keep their mouths shut. 

The other day a family member looked at me and asked how old is Sydney? First off they should know but they were just being smart with me...and then proceeded to ask why she does not talk and how their little one (who is 2 months old) will talk before Sydney.  Then asked if we talk or even read to Sydney. At this point I was beyond upset and just wanted to punch someone. Granted Sydney is not the best talker in the world but she is doing so much better. I believe that some of her problem could have been from us teaching her baby sign and allowing her to have her pacifier longer than we intended for her to have it but I have been assured by the doctor that she is just fine and will start talking and we will want her to be quiet.

I just can not believe that I have some family members that think we are a household that does not talk, especially to our daughter. Anyways enough of my rants and raves but I had to get that off my chest :)

Nothing really new here in the Marinello household. I have about 13 weeks left and it can not come soon enough. I can not wait to meet this little guy and we love him so much and just can not wait to hold him! I really am craving a subway sub sooooo bad and that is all that I want to eat but I have done so good this time around not eating deli meat, so as soon as our little guys is born that is the one things I am sending Mike out for!