I am not sure what it is about a few of my family members but they are really getting on my last nerves. And maybe I am just really emotional right now but it is starting to put me over the edge. 

I feel that I am the first to lend out anything that I have to anyone as long as I know that I will one day get it back. Well in the past few months my mom has been asking to borrow somethings for my niece since she spends so much time at their house. I really do not care about letting things go to my mom, but its when my mom does not ask if she can send it with my brother. So in the past few months my brother now has my baby swing, tons of clothes, a little bathtub, toy, books, stroller, and much...much more. Normally I would not mind but for some reason I don't see my brother and sister-in-law taking great care of things so I feel like I am going to have to go out and buy all this stuff again.

Well today my mom and dad came over with my niece for a few minutes and my mom asked if she could sit in the bumbo I said that was fine. Well my mom then asked if she could take it home. I guess my dad heard me say something to Mike before they left that I really did want to give it to her but that I would...well he told my mom and now she is pissed off at me. And in no way did I mean to make her upset it is just the fact that it would not have stayed at her house. She would have given it to my brother and in my heart I feel that my brother and sister-in-law need to grow up a little bit and not get everything handed to them, plus I am not sure if I would get it back. 

So in the end I called my mom and asked why she did not take the seat and she mentioned that my dad heard me talk to Mike about it. Through that conversation my feelings were really hurt and I ended up hanging up on her which I have never done. She mentioned things that she has GIVEN (not even borrowed) to Sydney and me and said that she did not have to do that so now I am debating on giving those back just to be done with the situation so it can not be brought up again. 

Alright enough of that.