Girls weekend and other things.

So I had a great time this past weekend with a few girl friends. I forgot my camera so I am not able to post pictures but we had fun. We only had the TV on to watch two movies and we really only watched one because the other one we talked through the whole thing. It was so nice to not have the TV on and be able to talk and not have kids interrupting us every few seconds. We were actually able to think. We played some games together which was pretty funny, especially all of the funny things that you had to do in the game, and I really did not want to do them! Debbie and Lisa made great dinners and Lisa made an amazing breakfast. Heather brought all of the bad snacks that we like to eat but I could not stay away from them.

Saturday I started having a few contractions while we were there and that was annoying because you just never know what to do about them. But everything was fine and we all had a great time. I can not wait to have another one :)

So last night and today I am just overwhelmed and ready to see this little boy. After having multiple miscarriages my mind is just nuts and I can not seem to get it together. I am so afraid that I am not going to be able to meet this little boy, I want him out now so that I know that everything is okay. I know that God is in control but right now it is so hard to focus on that especially now that the contractions have gotten more painful. I feel like I am in labor but with nothing happening. I am just done!