So this weekend I am leaving without my family to spend sometime with some girlfriends. I have been away from Sydney with Mike but I have never been away from the both of them. I have never been away from Sydney without Mike and for some reason this is harder. I love her so much and no matter how bad of a day we have or whatever I love to wake up in the morning knowing that I can see her precious little face. 

Mike has a first this weekend, he has never watched her by himself for more than a few hours. He gets lucky tonight because she is going to my parents since he has to work and I am leaving at 2:30. So they are keeping her over night and he is getting her in the morning. Then he is going to his moms house till Sunday...so he is getting some help :)

Needless to say I will miss them both so much but at the same time I hope that I can have some fun and relax.