33 weeks...HOLY COW!

Today I am miraculously 33 weeks and 4 days. I actually never thought that I would make it this far. Lately my favorite question that I get asked by people that really have no idea what has been going on with me it "how are you feeling?" Well first off let me start by saying that I am forever grateful and thankful for this little boy and I would be pregnant forever if it meant that I could meet him one day but after all of that I am really not feeling too great. I think I am officially over the morning sickness which ended at 29 weeks but there are other things that are not so much fun when you are 8 months pregnant. I don't sleep very well 1. because I am huge 2. because I have to get up and pee all the time. I have contractions which are not very comfortable but at least they are not doing anything right now because that would be bad. And something that does not hurt but drives me emotionally crazy is the fact that he is still either transverse or breech. I really do not want to have a c-section so if by 36 weeks he is still not going to turn then I am planning on having EV to turn the little guy.

Saturday is my shower and I can not wait, I think I already said that in my last post but I have nothing for this little guy so I can not wait to see all the cute little stuff that he will be blessed with. Mike and I have had a hard time picking a name for this little guy. I know the name that he is set on and in the end I really do not mind the name and I actually really like it but its the way we came up with the name that I don't like. We had Ezekiel but when his dad said something he decided on changing it to this one. At first he still liked Ezekiel but now he is in love with this new name. I really do love this name but its just the fact that I liked Ezekiel first. There are a few other names on the list but I really don't this we will use any of them except the one that Mike likes and in the end I do it. But we will pick one soon I promise. 

Alright gotta go and drink some water and put the feet up, they are starting to swell.