35 weeks and 5 days.

So yesterday I had my 35 week check up. Nothing really exciting to report...just some softening of the cervix but that's okay with me since this little guy is not quite head down yet. He is almost there but still really high. So I go in next week and if he is still not head down then we will proceed with an EV. I just hope that there is enough room for him to turn and not stay where he is.

This past weekend my parents kept Sydney for Friday and Saturday night and Mike and I got to go stay in a hotel for a 2 days. It was so nice to not worry about anything and just hang out together. We dropped Sydney off at my parents Friday and headed to the hotel and then went to the store to get some snacks and dinner. We watched some movies without being interrupted by a little 2 year old and there was a private hot tub in our back patio and it was not hot at all so Mike and I both got to go in. Saturday, we got up and we to breakfast and then went to an early showing of Terminator Salvation which is a good movie if you like NON STOP action. The Mike and I headed to Dreamscapes Tattoo where Mike got a tattoo on his foot. He just got the name Sydney and I would have to say that I really really like it and it makes me want to get one really bad! We then spent the rest of the time relaxing at the hotel. Mike that night could not go in the hot tub because of the tattoo so I just went in myself and I would have to say with this pregnancy I much prefer being in the water it is just so much more comfortable for me.

Monday, Mike had the day off and we were suppose to go to Heather's for a BBQ but Sydney had some weird virus I think and just kept complaining of her stomach hurting so we just stayed home and kept the little bug at our house. The rest of the week has been uneventful but that's okay, it has given me time to figure out the things that I need before the little guy arrives. 

We stopped giving Sydney her paci during the day and she has been doing really good about it and she will put it in the drawer where we place it every morning (in the kitchen) and sometimes we find the little sneak taking it out of the drawer, running into the garage, sucking on it and then putting it back into the drawer. I just laugh so hard and tell Mike to deal with it because I find it funny. And lately Sydney has been talking a lot more but some of the things Mike and I would be the only ones that could understand her because we are actually with her all the time, but I do love the way she tries to communicate and the words she uses instead of the actual word. Here are some of the things that she says that make me laugh.

Cream=lotion and she has to have it on every night and if she gets hurt and we don't have band aids
Apple juice=for anything to drink

Instead of asking "what are you doing" its "doin mom" or "doin dad"
"okay mom" if she thinks that Im hurt.

There are so much more but I am not going to make you read all of them :) Hope you all have a great week and I will let you know an update from the doctors next week. Also I will post pictures of Mike's tattoo when he gets home from work today!