Yo, Yo, Yiggidy Yo!

Well the past week has not been too eventful but all in all it was a good week. This past week I got to spend sometime in the morning with Dani and Kenzie for a little bit while the girls got together and played for about an hour which was nice because Sydney loves to play with Kenzie. And Lisa and I got together this week and let the kids play together and on Friday we went over there in the morning so that she could go out and get some stuff for Topher's little burned shoulders and Sydney got to play with her favorite little man. Topher is such a sweet little boy that Sydney absolutely adores. Sydney calls Topher (so-sher) and then everyone else is her form of Lisa which is (basa) but if you ask her to say Lorelai, Drew, or Ezra she will but then she goes back to "basa".

I am not the type of girl that has a ton of friends but I do have a few close friends. I normally get along a lot better with guys. I have however realized lately that you can never underestimate the power of friendship. I have a friend and we both hate drama but lately our lives have been a little bit of drama ever since we got back from our little weekend getaway but no matter how much drama is in our lives I will love her no matter what. We talked with each other a lot about sometime we call "safe place" and even though our husbands are our safe place you also need that in a friend. Just someone that knows who you are and all the crazy things about you and yet they still love and care about you in spite of your craziness. I love the word "safe place" now because I know what it means in our relationship and I know that I can have the most crazy thoughts, feelings, attitude, or even take things out on her and she understands where I am coming from and how I am feeling and if she does not know how I am feeling she is there just to listen to me, and I know she already knows this but I will be there for her also. This past year I had one friend that knew the hard time that I was going through with the first miscarriage and it was right around the time that she got pregnant with her little rykie-boy but she was there for me but God also had another friendship in the works and about 2 weeks before my second miscarriage He planted a seed and had a relationship started with Lisa that I never would have imagined in a million years to be what it is 8 months later but all I can say is that God planned it from the beginning and that is amazing to me how blessed I am to be a child of the King.

Well as of yesterday I was 33 weeks and I don't have a single picture of me pregnant to post but Lisa does have a picture of me on my shower invitations, speaking of the shower it is next saturday and I am totally excited :) I can not wait I know that the color themes are blue and brown which is totally cute. So anyways I can not wait for that special day and I will for sure be posting pictures of that wonderful day :)