I don't have much of an update. There are three unrelated things that are wrong with my little guy.

1) He is on Oxygen which is unrelated to the CMV virus and the one thing that is keeping him in the hospital.

2) He has kidney reflux, which is genetic and Sydney also had it. Sydney was a grade 2 (there are 5 levels) and she only had it in one kidney. Seth on the other had has it on both sides. One side is a 4 and the other is a 5. This also has nothing to do with the CMV virus and it is totally fixable. He will be on antibiotics so there will be no UTI for 3 months and then we will test again to see if the grade has dropped. If not they will go in a fix it and it is possible that it can be without surgery which would be nice.

3) He has CMV which we just have to make sure he is watched closely especially in the first year. He will have quite a few hearing and vision tests since that is the most common issue with CMV.

I am emotionally and physically drained and right now it feels like I have nothing left. Thanks everyone who has been praying for us and our family!