Seth John Asher Marinello is HERE!

Well Monday morning at 6am I woke up to a wonderful contraction but really did not think much of it then 10 minutes later I had another one, and this went on for a while and they were not painful at all just a little annoying. I think somewhere in there I talked with Lisa (about 8am) and just gave her a heads up and also my mom just in case they got worse so that she know I would be sending Sydney her way. Lisa said to hop in the shower and see if the contractions lighten up and if they did I could assume it was false labor. So I got in the shower and...the contractions stayed the same.

9:15am - my dad stopped by the house to pick up a few things because he was going to go to his rental house and work on some stuff. We talked for a while and he hung out with Sydney and then said that he would come back around 12 and watch Sydney for us so that we could go to the bank. He left around 9:45am and the whole time I was totally fine, I had a few contractions but not painful at the point that my dad had no idea I was even having them.

10:00am - they were getting around 8 minutes apart and some were still 10 min. so I still did not think I was in real labor. I cleaned up the kitchen and put a movie in for Sydney and just hung out.

11:00am - I called Lisa again to let her know that they were about 6-8 min apart but nothing unbearable and that I would call her later after Mike and I run some errands with Uncle Tom. Mike called around 11:30am on his way home from a meeting because we were going to go to the bank to deal with some of his dads things and I just gave him a heads up that maybe sometime tonight we might have to go to the hospital. So around 12 my dad came to watch Sydney while she took a nap and Mike and I headed out. We stopped by the apple store so that I could get a cover for my new phone and then we went and picked up uncle Tom. We got to the back at about 12:35 and we were there till about 3pm and during that time I had a few but nothing horrible or really nothing for me to think about.

2:00pm - I get a text from Lisa asking "going on?" I told her I was still at the bank and that they were about 6 min apart since 12:30 but that nothing had increased in pain so I was not worried.

3:45pm - We got home and I texted Lisa "how long would you stay home with contractions 6 min apart?" she said "forever, call me." so I called her around 4 she told me what our doctors policy is for going into the hospital because I did not want to go to triage and get sent home. She told me to call Dr. Seymann anyways and so I did and he said wait until they are 4-5 minutes apart.

6 pm - I call Lisa and tell her they are still 5 minutes apart, not lasting longer than a minute, not unbearable, but it hurts too much to walk. She says it might be time to go in, but I didn't want to. Mike and I were talking about what we think we should do. I was still able to function through every contraction and I really did not want to go to the hospital only to get sent home. Mike ended up making the decision that we would give Syd her bath and then take her to my parents and then go to the hospital from there.

6:45 pm - I text Lisa and say they are 2-3 minutes apart. I tell her I am going to give Sydney a bath and then take her to my parents' house, then head to the hospital from there. I told her I would call her once we leave my parents.

7:30pm - We head to my parents house to drop Sydney off with them. We hung out there for a while and Lisa said that she texted me but I had left my phone in the car so I did not get them.

8:05pm -  Mike and I head to the hospital and the way there I was having a few contractions that were really close together and then randomly it would be far apart. I still at this point thought that I was going to get sent home so I did not call Lisa yet.

8:22pm - We got to the hospital and I told Mike to leave our bag in the car because I was still convinced that we were going to be sent home. I got into triage and for the first time I really did not want to stand up during the contraction so I had Mike fill out the little registration paper and they took us to Triage 9 were I was told to get in the gown and wait for the nurse to arrive. Mike and I were hanging out in the room and I could hear this lady next to me having a really hard time with her contractions and doing the heavy breathing thing...and I remember telling Mike I was going to be sent home cause I was not in that much pain and she was getting sent home. While waiting for the nurse to come ask the questions and check me I was texting Lisa and she said that she was driving to the hospital and I really did not want her to come if I was going to be sent home but I am glad she was already close so I told her to come and hang out...there was another text in there but it basically said that I wanted an epidural :) The contractions were stronger but I could still talk through them plus we were still waiting for the nurse.

8:45pm - Lisa arrived to the triage room at the same time as the nurse, who at the time I did not think she was very nice but she ended up being great. She started asking me all the questions and then finally decided to hook up the monitors and check me. She checked me and started laughing and said, "we need to get you admitted you are 8cm with a bulging bag of waters." then checked again to be sure and said all I feel is your bag of water ready to burst. So she got 3 nurses who came in and said..."just putting some gloves on just in case we have to deliver this baby in the hallway" and thats when Lisa and Mike jumped up and got all of my stuff.

We made it to the room and as soon as we into the room I really wanted the epidural. There was one nurse Jennifer that kept telling me that if I get my IV and the fluid down then I can get one so she started to get ready for the IV. At this point I started to become really uncomfortable and felt nauseated, and of course ended up throwing up. I had another nurse who was super cute and great and her name was Jami and she checked me because I started feeling like I needed to push, she checked me and I was still an 8, but baby was super low. I remember Lisa coming by me and grabing my hand...hopfully I was not squeezing it too hard. Right after the nurse walked away Lisa and I heard a very loud pop and a gush - and I said "Oh, it just broke. I think it did"and from that point on all hell broke lose. The nurse Jennifer again said I could have an epidural if I could sit still but there was no way I was going to be able to sit without pushing and thats when Mike and Lisa both told me I am not going to be able to have an epidural so I had to get that out of my head. At this point all I wanted to do was push and I was told not too, let me tell you its not that easy :) plus they were waiting for a doctor to come. After the doctor arrived and got all set up I was able to finally push and it actually felt so much better to push rather than not. After a few short pushes out came Seth John Asher Marinello but Mike, Lisa, and the nurses did not get so lucky...they got sprayed with the "gush". After all was said and done I told everybody that I was sorry because to me I felt like I was screaming but they all said I wasn't so that was good :)

I had to stay in the room a little bit longer because they could not get my bleeding under control. Once they figured out the problem and fixed it they transfered me to my room. By this time it was about 1:45am and all I wanted to do was sleep but of course in hospitals that really never happens.

Here is Lisa taking a picture before I was really in pain!

Seth John Asher

9 pounds 1 ounce
21 inches long
6-22-09 @ 9:40pm

Holding Daddy's hand
Alright so this picture was taken of him in the NICU. He is in there right now for having some problems breathing and he also has an enlarged spleen which they are still running tests on him to figure out why. The main reasons for an enlarged spleen is an infection because your spleen is the biggest infection fighter, so they are doing lots of blood work to try and figure out what the cause is. We are praying that he can come home with us soon. It is so hard to come home from the hospital without your little baby. I will try and keep you guys updated when we find out any information. Right now I am just going back and forth so that I can nurse him when he needs it. Much love!