Update on Seth.

Alright so its been a long waiting game for us to really get some answers on what is wrong with our little guy. He has been in the NICU since Tuesday night and we are thinking maybe early next week he will be able to come home.

We found out this afternoon that Seth most likely got a virus called CMV and he got it from me. About 3 weeks ago I got a cold and the cold was (CMV) which is just a type of cold and I passed it to him. They know that I did not get it earlier because of how big he was. If I would have gotten it in my first or second trimester there would have been some growth issues as well, and we know he does not have a growing problem coming out at 9 pounds. Even if I would have known that I had CMV there is no way to treat a virus you just let it run its course.

They have been doing lots of blood work on him to see if the virus will grow but most likely since it has not grown then it has fully already ran its course and there is nothing we could do to stop it so our pediatrician (Dr. Seitter) said we just have to watch him super close especially during his developmental years of life. Yesterday he had an ultrasound done on his brain and it showed calcifications in his brain which is a sign on the CMV virus, so today they are doing an MRI on his head to make sure there is not extra fluid in the ventricles and also swelling of the brain tissue. If he does have the swelling and the fluid then they will have to put a shunt in is head. There are other side effects as well. neurological issues, hearing issues, and also some vision problems. There also might be issues with him and school when that time comes. He also may never have any of these issues and that is what we are praying for. Later today the neurologist will come and check him out as well as the opthomologist, and then a hearing test will be done as well. All of these tests could come back and there be nothing wrong with him at this time but Dr. Seitter did say he will be a kid that just has to get more things done that Sydney did not have to get done. There is no way of knowing what things are going to effect him and how severe. We something comes up that I think might be a little off for him then I just have to take him to Dr. Seitter and we either find out its nothing or we have to run a test.

So as of right now we are just praying that because it was so late in the pregnancy that it has very little effect on him or none at all. On the outside he is a very healthy kid who LOVES to eat. We are looking at him coming home possibly Monday but that might not happen so we just have to take one day at a time. Tonight he will actually be in his own room which is so nice because I can actually stay with him and just be with him!

Thanks everyone who has been praying for our little miracle, and more prayers are always welcome. I really have not had the time to process everything but it has been a really rough month and these past 4 days have been very hard on me.