The 4th and other things...

I finally got some pictures but really did not take very many on the 4th of July. For the 4th we went over to Lisa's parents to hang out and swim and have some good food. The kids swam like crazy and had a great time. Lisa and I were able to hang out and talk and I actually had a lot of people wanting to hold Seth so I kinda got a break which was nice too. This was Seth's first time out for a special event and he actually did pretty good besides throwing up all over "grandma" Patti's couch which Lisa cleaned up for me. It was a great time and very much needed break from the real world. Here are two pictures of some of the kids hanging out...

Sydney, Topher, and Lorelai
Sydney and Topher (buddies)
The first few days home with Seth went pretty good. He was waking up once in the night pretty much giving me 4-5 hours of sleep and then about Tuesday it all changed and he is pretty much up majority of the day and pretty cranky. He wants to constantly nurse which is very different from Sydney. Syd would eat every three hours and then at night she would give me 4-5 hours of sleep but Seth wants to eat every 2 hours and sometimes he doesn't wait that long. I am starting to think that eating is not what he wants that just the way he is comforted so tomorrow (Monday) I am going to try and get him into the chiropractor before his neurologist appointment. If any of you guys think of it could you please be praying for the appointment tomorrow especially for me because I am starting to worry about it and I know there is nothing that I can do about it so I just need some prayer to get through tomorrow.

Tomorrow my little guy is already going to be 3 weeks old. I can not believe how fast its going. The weird thing is that we have not even had him home with us for two weeks so to me it really does not seem like he is already 3 weeks old. Sydney has started to show us that she actually cares about her little brother and when he is NOT crying she actually wants to hold him. When he does cry she goes up to him where ever he is and says "baby no crying" and she will say that until he stops or you ask her to stop.

Hanging out in his swing
Sydney and Seth
Sydney outside playing with bubbles
My crazy cave girl without a shirt on and crazy hair, in her car.

Some new news is that we finally found a rental and we signed the lease yesterday and we will get the keys by Wednesday! We decided to rent for about 6 months to a year until we can get all of Mike's dads things settled and focus on all the things that are going to come up with Seth before we buy a house. After our lease is up we will start looking to buy a house that we can hopefully stay in for many years. We are moving out to Queen Creek because for us right now its the best fit. Our rental is a 4 bedroom 2 bath and is totally huge to us because we are coming from such a small place. So these next few days are going to be crazy for us. I have to get Seth into three doctor appointments and get the house packed because we want to be completely settled by the weekend. With Mike working I will try to pack as much as I can while the kids are behaving :)