Hate it!

So last night Seth started getting a fever and throwing up so I knew that I was going to have to get him into the doctor today. Sure enough he has a UTI and praise the Lord doctor Seitter did not send us to the hospital. If Seth does not get better over the next 24 hours then we are going to have to go in. At the doctor today they first bagged him and got some urine and then decided to get a cleaner sample so they did a catheter. After that they drew some blood and then gave him a shot of antibiotics and sent me home with a prescription for a stronger antibiotic because what he was on before was not doing it. The only thing that really got me upset was that amoxicillin is not a strong antibiotic it is more for a general use but they gave it to him and look what happened he got one anyways! So as long as he keeps fluids down and does not get a high fever we can stay out of the hospital.

I am just going to vent here a little bit...I hate drama thats really all I want to say. I have not been in high school for almost 10 years and I really never thought that at 26 years old I would be dealing with drama again but here I am dealing with it. So thats my little venting session!

A week from today we are going to PALM SPRING and I can not wait to get away from everything and just have some fun with great friends!