10 weeks...and some other things.

Well first off my little baby boy is 10 weeks today. I have no idea where the time went but man did has it gone by fast. He is able to sit in his bumbo seat for a little bit and then I think he gets a little tired and his little head starts falling. Last night he slept from 8pm until 5:20am so far thats the best he has done. He is already in 3-6 month clothing and really closer to the 6 month end than the 3 month. Last week he weighted 13.9 pounds.

Last Thursday we left to go to the Happiest Place on Earth...DISNEYLAND. We brought my parents along to watch Seth so that Mike and I could take Sydney on the rides. The last time we went I was 6 months pregnant and it was not that enjoyable. Thursday it was a long drive but both of the kids ended up doing okay. We got to the hotel and got some dinner and I put Seth and Sydney to bed around 8:00pm and Mike and I were able to go to Disneyland and go on a few rides ourselves. We also hit up the Disney store to look for some Nemo toys that we have not been able to find and guess what? We found them and Sydney was so excited. We actually got her some other things that we have not shown her cause we are going to save them for her birthday. Friday we headed to Disneyland with my mom while my dad stayed in the room with Seth. Sydney got to do so many rides because the park was not that busy that morning. We went on the teacups, buzz light-year, the rockets twice, the carousel, dumbo, and its a small world. She had so much fun. We went back to the room and put the kids down for naps and Mike and I got to go to the park again for a little bit. Friday Mike and I looked and looked for Mary P. so that I could get a picture for Lisa but she never showed up and we ended up looking in all the stores for something and there was NOTHING. So we asked someone and they said...your in luck, tomorrow Julie Andrews will be here signing a lithograph of Mary P. I was so excited. I woke up Saturday morning a year older and not too excited about it. Actually this birthday was kinda depressing because I am starting to feel old, but anyways we got up and went to the room around 7:45am and then by 9:00am we were able to buy our pictures we got two, one for us and one for Lisa. We had to be back at that same room no later than 1pm so we went to Disneyland for a few hours with the whole family and I got my Happy Birthday Pin and we rode a few rides and then Mike and I headed to get our pictures signed. She was such a nice lady and I love her voice :) Mike and I really did not do much the rest of the day. We all went out to dinner that night and Mike and my mom told the waiter that it was my birthday so I think 4 people came out with some ice cream and sang which was really embarrassing plus I had just gotten Seth to fall asleep and of course they woke him up :) Sunday we came home. It was a long drive but both kids did okay. Seth just wanted out of his car seat but there was not much I could do about that. We only stopped once to eat lunch other than that it was a straight shot. That night Lisa and Matt stopped by so that I could give her the gift that we got. I am pretty sure by her reaction that she loved it. I was dying to tell her the second we found out but I think I did pretty good. 1 full day of holding that secret in was killing me.

So today was a bad day. It was just really rough emotionally and I am drained. The pain is deep and it's a huge hole that o have to dig myself out of but only with the help of God and of others will joy come. Tomorrow the developmental specialist come to the house so we will see what they have to say. Maybe I will have a better understanding on how this is going to work and what it all entails. I sometimes wish that I could just pause my life so I could get myself together and have a game plan but that's not possible. My goal is to have the best plan that I can have for Seth. Please pray that my thoughts don't overwhelm me like they did today. It was bad.