You give and take away, blessed be Your name. (This is something hard for me to grasp right now but yet so true. God puts things in our lives and He can take away at any moment.)

I had an incredibly rough night last night and I ended up emailing Lisa to just lay my heart out and it was something that was very personal but at the same time very emotional for me. I thought that if I would email her that it would feel like a brick was lifted off my chest but I woke up this morning feeling the same way and started to cry. I read her response to my email and it made me cry. She let me pour out my worst fears and never once did she judge them. Instead she was waiting for me to express them. She has been on the journey with me since Seth was born well since the day I found out I was pregnant. To Seth she is "Aunt Lisa" (well to Sydney too) and besides my husband she is the only one that I can say truly understands my fears. I have dumped so much stuff on her since June and I have poured out my heart and she never threw scripture at me but instead when I needed to hear it would tell me in a loving way and by no means stomping on my feelings. She gave me time to sort through everything and come to things on my own. She just said when I'm ready to hash it out she will be here and she has been.

I am amazed everyday how God works! This friendship has God written all over it and that is the best thing ever!