Growing and Growing...

Seth is 8 weeks and 3 days today and on August 22 he will be 2 months. I have NO idea where the time goes but it just flies by, and I am not sure if I like it. He is already so big weighing about 12.7 pounds and man can this boy eat. He takes in about 6 oz every feeding. Seth has always been good at holding his head up he just does it a lot more now. He is starting to stay awake for longer periods of time and we got a few nights where he slept all the way through but lately he wakes up once around 2 or 3am and then goes back to bed till about 8:30am so I really can not complain about his night time sleep. In the late afternoon and evening he still has his fussy time and we try to just walk around with him or give him a bath. Sometimes nothing helps him so we just let him cry it out. Here are a few pictures of him at 8 weeks.
He loves the flash.

Whats up?

Holding Sydney's finger :)
She just can't help but be next to him, he thinks she is crazy!
Sydney is getting so big too. I can not believe in 3 short months my little girl is going to be turning 3. Right now she is in LOVE with Nemo and has been for at least 6 months. I really want it to continue so that Lisa can make her a Nemo cake for her birthday. Mike and I just bought Nemo stickers to decorate her room with and she is going to be so excited I am not sure she will sleep the first night :) She is starting to talk a lot more and the pacifier is out of her mouth a lot more so thats a good start. She has gotten over the middle of the night wake up asking for a drink and is amazing about not getting out of her bed until we come and get her. Here are a few pictures of Syd:

Sydney playing in her room at grandma's
Dad helping her ride her bike
Sydney and Joe playing with the rocks and flowers
Grandma with her 3 grandkids
Averie, Sydney, and Seth