Palm Springs 2009

Friday July 31st we left for a week long vacation to Palm Springs. We got the car pack and were ready to leave by 12pm. We went with the MacCallum's, Finney's, and the Sherman's. I can not say that the car ride with a 5 week old who hates his car seat is really much fun. He cried majority of the way there in between some bottle feedings and a two stops to stretch which is when I would get him out and hold him and of course he would stop crying that instant. Sydney did great the way there. She watched her favorite show right now which is Max and Ruby, and ate lots of snacks.

We all seemed to have a great time. Everyday the kids got to go swimming and I dont think I ever realized how good Sydney can swim, she really surprised me. A typical day while we were there was waking up, hanging out on the patio and Sydney playing with the MacCallum kids and feeding the ducks. Around 10am Mike would take her down to the pool where she would swim and have lunch and then about 1:30pm head back to the room for a nap. I would get Seth to sleep and then Lisa and I would go down to the pool and have some girl time until it was time for us to get dinner ready or my husband would call me to help him out with the kiddos. We would then all have dinner together in someone's room and then the kids would play until it was time for bed. Some of the nights us adults would have a game night. I think it only happened twice but they were a lot of fun. Cranium and Curses are not too much fun for me but I loved watching everyone else :)

We had such a great time and it was a much needed time away from life for us and of course a great time with friends. Here are pictures of our vacation!

Oh goodness, goggles were the death of me on this trip...these are too big but I had to get a pic

My little fish

She would swim all day if I let her

My little muffin

"What up yo?" (thats for Lisa :)

Friends and the pool and lovin it!

Lisa and Ezra...he hate the pool

This kid melts my heart!

This is one of my favorite pictures. I love daddy's with their little ones.

Mike and Topher
Matt acting like Matt!

The kids having fun at the street fair!

On Monday while we were on vacation Seth was 6 weeks!