14 weeks already!

So on Monday Seth was 14 weeks. He is so not a little baby anymore. He looks so much like a little boy to me. He weights 16 pounds and it about 25 inches long, wears 9-12 month clothing and is only 3 MONTHS it makes me really sad how fast time they grow up.

Here are a few pictures I took of Seth at 14 weeks. It seemed like I always had my camera by me at all times when Syd was little and I feel like I have not been getting enough pictures of my little muffin.

I love this picture...I can not believe I actually caught him in the midst of a sneeze :)

Trying to do a little smile

He is such a muffin!

How can you not fall in love with this little face?

Starting to smirk which he does all the time.

Saturday the 20th was the last day I nursed my little guy. It was a really hard thing for me to do and there are times I still feel guilty about it. Around 6 weeks old he decided that he was not going to latch on correctly and I tried for 7 weeks to continue nursing through the pain. I can not tell you how bad it hurt but for him I wanted to keep going. I met with a lactation specialist and thought that maybe we solved the problem but then right before my little vacation to the resort with Lisa it started getting worse. So the day I left the resort was the day I quit and it took everything I had to not nurse him when he wanted it, especially at night. He was so good at it and LOVED it but I just decided it was just time to let it go.

Last week we had 2 doctors appointments. One with the urologist and the other with the neurologist. Both turned out okay and you can read about it on his blog but in the end things will work out I just have to remember it is not alway in my timing. Sometime next week Seth will have a brain scan and we will find out if he is having heightened brain activity and if we need to take a course of action in that area.

These past few days have been hard for me and sometimes I wonder how I am going to get through each day but I have to keep going. This week I have NO appointments which is nice unless the brain scan gets scheduled, but right now it feels like I am living a normal life without doctors being involved all the time.