Busy, Busy, and more Busy!

Oh goodness...where to start?

This past week was busy helping Lisa get things ready for Ezra's First Birthday. So crazy to me that the adorable little Ezra is already 1. I watched the kiddos on Friday for her so that she could go looking for a cake, and I helped her make the palm trees for the cake. Let me tell you that was not the easiest thing to do, but they did turn out cute. Saturday was the party, it was a luau party and it was a blast. There was swimming, games, and great food and cake. Ezra has a little crab as a smash cake and he was covered in frosting and was so cute, even though it was bright red and all over. Kinda looked like a slasher film. It was so much fun and besides the fact that Sydney was crazy and Seth got sick that night it was a great time. I can not believe that Ezra is already one, times flies so quickly.

Today Seth had to go to the cardiologist for the two holes that are in his heart. He has a VSD and an ASD both were defects in the heart. The VSD which is the one that we thought was not going to close, closed on its own. The other one we are hoping it will close if not they will most likely do surgery to fix it. Tomorrow we go to the pediatrician and we are going to be talking about his muscle spasms that he has been having and I will for sure be bringing it up to the neurologist when we see him on the 21st of September.

Mike leaves this Friday for California for a big work conference. All the sales guys are going up two days early and hanging out at the beach and then Sunday going to Six Flags. The conference starts Monday and they should be done Wednesday if I remember right. So while they are gone Lisa and I are staying in Phoenix at a resort. We figured while the guys are away having some fun we should too. So we are checking in on Sunday and staying for a whole week! Its going to be great!

While we are away at the resort Seth needs to have a test run on his kidneys. Its called a VCUG and he has to get it done on Monday the 14th. I remember getting it done with Sydney but I have no idea how long it takes. I just know that his kidney reflux is way more severe than Sydney's was so I am hoping we can get it fixed so that I dont have to worry about UTI's anymore. Anytime Seth gets a fever thats the first thing that comes to my mind and I get so frustrated because in the hospital they said that the level his is at it will not correct itself. (He is at a level 5 on one side and 4 on the other. 5 is the worst.) Even my pediatrician wants to get it fixed but for some reason the urologist wants to wait a few years. So it is a little bit frustrating to me.

So the rest of this week is pretty busy with doctor appointments, watching the MacCallum kids while Matt and Lisa go celebrate their anniversary together without the kids, and packing for the fun week away. I am so excited to get away and have some much needed girl time and also just relax by the pool and hang out!

Doctor appointments are starting to weigh on me and I am getting really tired. Not physically but emotionally. They are just draining. So if you think about it please pray for patience and for me to not get emotionally drained every time I hear that I have to schedule a new appointment. So far I have wanted at least one specialist say...see ya! But I have not gotten it yet.