Can I get a break?

Alright so I am beyond frustrated.

I do everything that I am suppose to do for this little boy and it seems like it is never enough. Seth has a fever again this morning and sure enough Dr. Seitter wanted to see him in his office this morning rather than the afternoon. So we went in at 10:25am and he ended up having another UTI. So he got an antibiotic shot and we had to wait there for 20 extra minutes to make sure he was not allergic. He was put on a strong antibiotic for 10 days and then we will try a different preventative one so that hopefully he wont get anymore. My issue is the urologists should just do the surgery so that every time he gets a fever I dont have to worry about doing damage to his kidneys, or being worried that they are going to admit him into the hospital because the infection got into the blood stream. After the Dr. I had a lactation appointment and we got some things figured out I think and heading home. Both kids fell asleep in the car and I did not want to wake them up to go into Target and get Seth's antibiotic filled so I am going to have to do that tonight before 8pm when it closes.

The VCUG test that we are having done on Seth's kidneys was suppose to be done this coming Monday but since he has a UTI we are most likely going to have to cancel that and make one for 6 weeks later. So again this is another thing that is frustrating me!

Today I was suppose to make Seth's hearing and vision appointments, schedule my 6 week OB check up (we are now at 11 weeks) laundry for Mike, and NONE of these things got done today. So that really frustrates me!

I ordered two things this week and none of them have come on time. I ordered diapers and wipes off of and I made that order on Sunday and they did not get it to my house until today when it was suppose to be here Tuesday. I also ordered something off of Amazon and it now says it is not coming until the 14th so I am going to have to call which is not something that I wanted to add to my to-do list.

So to say the least today has not been that great of a day and I was actually looking forward to today as of yesterday because Lisa and I had a pretty good plan on what we were going to get done. We were going to go over there for lunch and Syd was going to nap over there while I took Seth to the lactation specialist and then head to our check-up with Dr. Seitter but instead things got changed around.