Not even 18 hours after Seth was born he started having breathing issues. They monitored him for about 3 hours and then decided to send him into the NICU. After a few hours there they noticed that he had an enlarged liver and spleen. And thats when all of the tests began. He has many ultrasounds on his stomach to confirm that it was really enlarged and they took blood from him quite a bit to get a culture to see what was causing the infection, because we knew that it was some type of infection because of the enlarged spleen. Thursday the 25th of June they did a CT scan on his brain and found extensive brain calcifications which can lead to many different things...slow development, seizures, and CP. We are not sure what is going to happen in this area but as of right now he is doing okay. On June 27th he was diagnosed with cCMV (congenital cytomegalovirus) He got it while in utero from a cold virus that I got (CMV). Many people have had this you just do not want to get it while you are pregnant because it will attack the organs while developing. He had a low platelet count when he was born so we have been seeing the Hematologist where they check his counts every few months. As of about 3 weeks ago they were almost normal. They also did hearing and vision tests on him. His hearing was good in the hospital and we have to continuing checking it because the virus can still attack his hearing while he gets older. His vision we are not sure about. We knew while he was in the hospital that the brain calcifications were behind his eyes but it did not affect his vision right now so again we have to get that tested also.
Seth also has kidney reflux. I know that this was not part of CMV but I do believe that it made it worse because CMV attacks the liver, spleen, kidneys, and lung. There are 5 grades to this, 1 being on the low end and 5 being the worst. Seth has a 5 on one kidney and a 4 on the other.
He was also born with 2 holes in his heart. A hole called ASD and another one called VSD. The VSD closed on its own after about 11 weeks and we are waiting for the ASD to close on its own. If that does not happen then he will have surgery around the age of 3.