Seth John Asher Marinello

June 22 2009...
6:30am I woke up to a contraction but it really was not painful so I just tried to go back to bed but that did really happen because I have a crazy two year old who needs to be up at the crack of dawn. I started to time them because I had more than 2 so I just wanted to see how far apart they were. They ended up being around 10 minutes apart so I just ignored it and thought it was false labor.
8:00am Finally I felt that it was late enough to give Lisa a call and just let her know what was going on, but we both or at least I felt that it was totally false labor and nothing to worry about. Lisa mentioned getting into the shower to see if the contractions start to let up or if they continue. I knew that my dad was going to be over sometime around 9:15am so I decided to hop into the shower to see how it would make me feel. The contractions did not lighten up but yet at the same time they were not painful.
9:20am my dad comes over to pick up a few things from our house and decides to hang out for a bit before going over to his rental to fix something with the water. I was totally feeling fine with a few contractions but nothing horrible and my dad had no idea that I was not feeling that great so again to me I was not really in labor because they just really did not hurt yet.
11:00am I call Lisa again to let her know that the contractions are about 6 mins apart sometimes more but on average 6. I told her I was going with Mike and uncle Tom to the back to get some of his dads things in order and I would call or text her if anything changes.
11:15am I call Mike and inform him that I have been having contractions but nothing to worry about and that we might later this evening be heading into the hospital but for right now everything is fine and totally bearable.
12:00pm My dad comes to the house to watch Sydney for us and Mike and I head to the apple store so that I could get a case for my phone and while at the store I had my first painful contraction but it was bearable so I didn't say anything or worry about it. From there we picked up uncle Tom and headed to the bank. While at the back I tried to time them with this cool application that I have on my iphone called the labor mate. The contractions were still averaging out at 6 minutes apart. The bank took a really long time and I think around 2pm Lis sent me a text asking, "what is going on?"I just told her they were averaging 6 minutes apart and she just said "keep me posted."
3:07pm We let my dad go home and Mike and Uncle Tom did some bonding time. Then I think things started to change a little bit but yet I still did not think I was in labor. I honestly thought that they were going to send me home.
4:00pm I text Lis asking "how long would you stay home with contractions 6 mins apart?" she said forever, call me. So I called her and we talked a little bit about what I was feeling and that stuff and she told me that I needed to call my OB and see what the best thing for me to do. I hung up with her and called Dr. Seymann right away. He said go in when the contractions are about 4 minutes apart or unbearable. I called Lisa back and told her.

5:15pm Me, Mike, Uncle Tom, and Sydney went out to dinner to Paradise Bakery. (Never eat broccoli and cheese soup before going into labor, or while in labor) while at dinner I was feeling okay, having quite a few contractions but again still feeling like I was not really in labor because the contractions were not consistent. After dinner we took Uncle Tom back to John's house and then headed home. While at home Mike and I were talking about what we should do and if we really thought that I was in labor.

6:45pm We got Sydney into the bath and that is when Mike made the decision that we would give Sydney a bath and then head over to my parents house. I texted Lisa and told her that we were giving Sydney a bath and then taking her to my parents house and that I would text her when we left there.

7:20pm We got Sydney to my parents and hung out there for a while. The contractions were still not consistent so I told Mike lets just wait a few more minutes until we leave their house. Matt called Mike while at my parents house and told him that we were heading to the hospital (I thought that Matt would tell that to Lisa and she would head over...I was wrong) I think it was about 7:50pm until we finally left the house and headed to the hospital.

8:13pm we got to the hospital and was in Triage #9. There were quite a few other ladies also there in labor and then seemed like they were in tons of pain and needed to be admitted. So thats when I for sure thought I was going to be sent home. The contractions hurt but I was still able to talk to Mike, watch TV and just hang out. Lis started texting me. I wish I would have had the messages saved but I did not realize my phone could save them all. Anyways, we were texting and she said that she was on her way and what was going on. I told her that we were at the hospital but I did not want her to come all the way out here unless I was going to be admitted. Then at some point I said something to her about wanting an epidural and she decided she was going to head up. She texted me to have Mike come out and get her so I gave the phone to Mike and instead of going to get her he just texted her...Triage #9

8:45pm Lisa got there at the same time as the nurse who did not seem very happy, she actually did not seem very nice by the way she was talking to Lisa. It took her about 15 minutes to do all the computer work and while she was doing that Mike, Lisa and I were just hanging out and talking. She then finally decided to check me. She kinda looked at me a little weird and started to laugh and I thought "oh great, I am not even dilated." She started to laugh and say, "you are eight cm with a bulging bag of waters." and said again, "I am going to check one more time to make sure, yes, you are for sure 8 with a bulging bag." Then she proceeded to leave the room and come back with 4 nurses. They started to put on gloves and tell me that they are going to get me admitted. Somewhere in there I Lisa told me that I was not going to be getting an epidural and I said oh yes I am. (little did I know that she was actually right.) I for some reason in my head thought that I had another hour or more before I would even start pushing. The nurses got the bed ready to move and Mike and Lisa got all my stuff and we headed to LDR #19. They got me on the other bed and started asking some more questions and that contractions really started to hurt. And right away I felt that I needed to throw up-thats where the broccoli and cheese soup comes in. DONT ever eat that before going into labor, its not great coming back up. Not too long after that I felt like I needed to push so the nurse came over to check me, Mike was on my left and running around a little bit, and I think thats when Lisa came to my right side to hang out with me. Right after the nurse checked me she walked away and I heard a "pop" and felt the gush. I said something like, "oh it just broke...I think." Lisa said, "yes it did!" After that everything went so fast that it is hard for me to remember anything. I remember Lisa at one point asking if I wanted her to leave and get me a wash cloth and at that time Mike was gone and I said, "no don't leave me" so she had someone else go do it. I remember everyone telling me not to push and to just breathe and all I wanted was the epidural. They gave me the IV but there was no way that I was going to be able to stay still for them to do it. Finally Lisa and the nurse told me that I am not going to be getting the epidural so I finally had to get it in my head that I was going to have to do this natural.
Those last 15 minutes seemed like forever. I was told to not push and in my head thinking..."you guys are all crazy." Finally the Dr. came in the bed was broken down and I was able to push. I think it was only a few pushes and at 9:40pm out came Seth John Asher Marinello.

He was 9 pounds 1 ounce and 21 inches long. He did not have the dark hair that I thought he was going to have but instead my hair color. Lisa when straight over to him while Mike stayed with me. The Dr. got me all fixed up and I was able to hold my precious little Miracle. After a little while Mike went over with Seth and Lisa hung out with me. For some reason my body would not stop shaking. They said it was normal right after labor and they got me a blanket but it did not work at all. I could not stop the shaking at all. Shortly after he was born I called my mom and she came straight over to the hospital.  I remember at that point after a few pictures were taken that Lisa headed home. I was still shaking and the nurse decided to check me again and I was loosing a lot of blood. I think we waited an hour and finally she had to get the doctor back into the room because the bleeding would not stop and I was still shaking uncontrollably. The doctor checked me out and sorry but I am going to have to give you another shot and then pushed really hard on my stomach and according to Mike and my mom out came a massive blood clot the size of Seth's head. The doc said thats why I was bleeding so much by uterus would not contract so I just kept gushing blood. The found a new tear that needed to be stitched and the whole time I wish I would have been able to get an epidural for that.

Seth is such a blessing from God! He is my little miracle, the baby that shouldn't be and I am so blessed that he is my little guy. I was so blessed, I had two of my favorite people with me. My husband Mike and Lisa, who has been there from the beginning. I was so glad she was able to make it there.