Urologist & Neurologist

On Thursday we met with the new urologist.  They did an ultrasound on his kidney's and the right one is still quite a bit larger than the left one. He still has the reflux one being a stage 5 and the other a stage 4. They are going to run a blood test on him that will check the functioning of his kidneys and see if that is something that we have to worry about. He has been on antibiotics since he was born, and has had two UTI's while being on antibiotics-they call this breakthrough infections which if he has too many of these he will need surgery sooner rather than later, but they will not do the surgery until he is at least 6 months old. The other option until surgery is to circumcise him, which is what the other urologist wanted to do. We found out that it is not something that we can do for Seth right now. His penis is not all the way up into the foreskin so if they circumcise him the penis would become trapped which is not a good thing and I am so glad that this urologist took a second to check Seth out and realize that it would be a more complicated surgery than just the circumcision. So in the end no circumcision right now and he is on a new antibiotic and we are praying that it keeps the infections away.

On Friday we had an appointment with the Neurologist, Dr. Bernes. We are going to have a brain scan done within the next week. It will be an hour study on his brain and he will be able to go off the results to see his brain activity and see if he has been having seizures or if he has heightened brain activity and then we can get him on medication to help.

He also said: Seth had to of come in contact with CMV later on in the pregnancy, within the last month, which is what we first thought when we was in the NICU. But we had everyone telling me that because of how extensive his brain calcifications are that it had to be within the first or early in the second trimester. He was born so big and looked healthy nothing was making sense. The first time I saw Dr. Bernes he said that I might have gotten sick mid pregnancy, but after really looking at his brain scans from when he was in the NICU, measuring his head and knowing his head size at birth, and that nothing showed up on his 22 week ultrasound Seth got the virus from me later on in the pregnancy. This is such a good thing. Dr. Bernes can not tell me how Seth will be affected from the brain calcifications because it will be more of a developmental thing but thats why we have developmental specialists that will be coming to the house and working with Seth. Right now he is right on target. I have to schedule some more appointments for Seth. Dr. Bernes wants me to get his hearing and vision checkout so thats what I will be doing this week and also getting his brain scan.

If you think of it please pray that the brain scan comes back perfectly normal, and that his hearing and vision are doing okay. Hearing is the thing that can go later on in life from the virus continuing to attack him, and I know right now that he can hear. The vision is a different story, he was tested in the hospital and everything was okay but they really can not see when they are born anyways so this test will see if he needs glasses or anything.