I can not believe that my little boy is already 4 months old. He is such a happy, precious, adorable, big boy! He is already in 9-12 month clothing and last week he weighed 17 pounds. I don't think I will ever have small babies :) Seth's smile makes my heart melt. 

He loves to be in the air and get kisses.

He is smiling so big that I thought a laugh might come out.

Uncle Tom flew in on Friday and we have just been spending some time with him. Saturday was My dads birthday and John's birthday. Mike went hiking with Tom and a few others to celebrate his dads birthday and then had a BBQ with them. I went to my dads with the kids so that we could celebrate his birthday too. We ended up going to Joe's BBQ so that he could get his free birthday meal. We had a great time just hanging out and the kids did great until the ride home when they both fell asleep. Sunday, we went out to breakfast together and then for dinner went to my mother-in-laws house for dinner. Monday and Tuesday we just hung out at the house and Monday I got to go and see a movie with my mom and Mike stayed home with the kids. Today we have the developmental specialist coming to the house and then sometime after that we are going to the pumpkin patch. I think that Sydney will have a great time and I just hope Seth does not freak out otherwise I might have to come home earlier. I got a few cute pictures of the kids together and I love the outfits they are wearing, I think they are so adorable!

She loves being able to hold and sit with Seth.

I think Seth had a hard time trying to focus on me cause I could not get him to look at me at all.

Giving some kisses.

Please if you get a chance pray for some decisions that I have to make regarding Seth. They have to do with circumcising him and the kidney reflux surgery. I would not like him to have two surgeries if we can do both of them at the same time. I am just having a really hard time understanding the doctors and what they want to do vs what is best for Seth. So I just need to really sit down and figure out what the best thing is for my boy.