So this past week we had two appointments a hearing test and an eye exam. I was totally not worried about the hearing test because he has super sonic hearing and jumps at everything but the neurologist wanted it check so we did. So on Wednesday we went to have his hearing checked out and he passed that totally fine. It was a long morning though, we had to make sure that he was sleeping through the whole test and that was a little hard to do because he is not at home and in his bed plus he had things in his ears and all over his head. Anyways, the doctor wants to see him back every three months until he is two and then he can start going every six months.

I also have known for a little while that Seth does not have the best vision. He does not focus very well at all. I know that he can see but he really struggles to focus and actually keep the focus. I have been really struggling with his eye sight because I kept thinking what happens if his eyes are perfectly fine, then what? Well about two days before his appointment I read about something called CVI which I thought it my head explained Seth. It has to do the the brain not the vision and they describe his vision like looking through swiss cheese, and when you are diagnosed CVI you are considered legally blind. So we went to his eye appointment on Friday and for some reason it was a totally insane day for the doctors and we did not even get seen by them until over an hour of our appointment time. Anyways, the doctor looked at his eyes and there is nothing wrong with them. As of right now he does not need glasses, surgery, or patchwork. The doctor tried to get him to focus and he was not really able to do it. He said it is most likely developmental and that there is nothing wrong with the eyes themselves. When the doctor says that the issue will be developmental he means it has to do with the brain. Seth's optic nerve is small. When I see my eye takes a picture and sends it back to the brain using the optic nerve and I can see a clear picture. With Seth the transmission back to the brain does not send a clear picture. That is exactly what I did not want to hear! I wanted his issue to be something that can be fixed but its not. So the doctor wants to see him back in 6 months for a normal check-up.

If you think about it please pray for Seth and for me. I am having a hard time with this news and I just want things to be amazing for my little muffin.

Much Love!