A little update.

Uncle Tom left on the 26th and since then we have had a hearing test for Seth and an eye exam. The hearing came back totally normal and they want to see him every 3 months until he is 2 and then every 6 months after that. The eye exam was the hard one. I have known for a while that Seth has had some eye issues I just did not know what they were. He just does not focus really well and when he does majority of the time its while looking at lights. So we had the eye appointment on Friday and I was hoping that they would say he just needs some glasses. And of course that is not what happened. His eyes are perfect. The eyes themselves are not the problem. It is a developmental issue which means involving the brain. This might get better over time but if not then we will have to talk with the neurologist about what is really going on and if he can see or how we help him out. His optic nerve from the eye to the brain is smaller than it should be. For example when I see something my eye takes a picture of whatever and sends it back to the brain and then I can see totally clear...Seth transmission from the eye to the brain is not giving him a clear picture. We are not sure what he is seeing, we know he can see but we just don't know if he is seeing double, or blurry, or what but it will take some time before we find that out. The doctor did mention CVI but we again will not know for sure if that is his issue until we know how the brain is going to develop. It was really hard for me to hear that. That was the one thing that I did not want to hear. I would have rather they told me he just needs glasses and we can get him back on track, but when it is involving his brain there is nothing that they can do. When they said that a flood of emotion came back to me and I again was thinking how could I have done this to my precious little boy. We will go back to the eye doc in about 6 months just for a normal check up.

Next week I have his 4 month old check-up and he will be getting some shots which will be great fun. I also have a brain scan that I have to take Seth to on Tuesday and they will monitor his brain activity for about an hour and see if he is going to be prone to seizure activity and what we can or need to do about it. The neurologist will call me a day after the test to let me know the results. Please pray that everything will be perfectly normal!

Here are a few picture that we took while we were at the pumpkin patch with the kids and uncle Tom and just some everyday stuff around the house.
My little kiddos

Uncle Tom with the gang

Family picture but Sydney didn't do so hot :)

Seth and I taken by Mike...not the best picture

My little muffin man!

Mike and Sydn on the bee ride

I am actually surprised that she wanted to ride the bee...she is scared to death of bees

Picking out a pumpkin with Sydney

Mike loves Christmas so I found these PJ's and he just had to try the out and get a picture when them on.

The day before Uncle Tom had to go home. He loves the kids.

So this past week Seth turned 4 months old and I decided that I would try out some solid food. Sydney hated rice cereal and we only did it for about a week and then I went straight into carrots. So this time I just wanted to see if he would even eat the rice cereal. I think he liked the idea of having something else in his mouth rather than formula but I do not think he was the biggest fan of the cereal. Next week I am going to try carrots and see how he does with that. Here are a few pictures of his first experience with some food.
Not sure what to think of it

Yeah...mom you are crazy!

Oh my gosh he is adorable!