MacCallum Fun...

So in my last post I mentioned that on Tuesday I had the MacCallum kiddos while Matt and Lisa went up to the Voss cabin to do a few things.

I love how Sydney, Topher, and Lorelai play together, it is so much fun to watch. I love how Sydney and Topher at one moment can be the best of friends and then the next they are fighting over something as dumb as a rock. I love these kids and I had so much fun hanging out with them all day. Here are a few pictures of the craziness and for some reason the pictures did not turn out that great I think I had the focus screwed up for some reason!

Two peas in a pod

For some reason I love this picture

Drew walking around wearing 3D glasses

Topher bringing me some flowers

Oh he makes me laugh!

Dropping some flowers

What a muffin!

I did have Lorelai but for some reason she was not outside while I was havin some fun taking pictures, she was inside watching a movie.