Last Thursday the developmental specialist came by but Seth was sleeping so we did not wake him. We just got the chance to meet each other and figure out how this is going to work. Since Seth is considered an "at risk" child she will be coming to our house every Thursday for now. Irene seems very nice and sweet and so far I really like her. So this coming Thursday I am just going to have to make sure Seth is awake so that she can actually meet him and they can spend some time together.

This Sunday Seth woke up with a fever and was just not quite himself and sleeping a lot. I knew something was up but I wanted to wait it out just in case he did have a virus. Monday he still had his fever but nothing different in the way he was acting until last night when he just would not sleep for me. I knew he was not comfortable but there was nothing that I could do for him. He did not want to eat and he did not want to fall asleep even though he was sooo very tired. Today (Tuesday) I had the MacCallum kiddos and I love watching them. They are such good and wonderful kids. But my plan was not at all to take Seth to the doctor but when he peed in his diaper this afternoon and there was mucus in his diaper I knew sometime was up since this was the second time it happened since Sunday. So I called and got the next appointment and thankfully Mike was home and could watch all 5 kids while I take him to the doc. He ended up having another UTI! Are you serious??? His third one and he is only three months old. I am not the type of person that runs myself or my kids to the doctors unless I know that they need to go or they are really sick. And its really frustrating when Seth gets fevers because if he did not have reflux I would just wait it out because I would know that he is just fighting a virus but with Seth I can't do that. Anytime he has a fever I need to go in and make sure he does not have a UTI because then serious damage can be done to the kidney's. I can not wait for the day he has a fever and I can just give him some over the counter medicine and not freak out that he might have a UTI.

The 28th Seth has his 2 hour hearing test and then on the 30th he has his eye exam. I will let you know what the results are on those once I find out! Thanks again for everyone who is and was praying for my little muffin.