Weird Days

I am not a fan of weird days, or even weird weeks. This week has been a little strange and I am not exactly sure why but it was just weird. Actually I could just say it was an off week. Not a ton of things going on but yet still a little off. Anyways enough of that.

Uncle Tom flew in yesterday and is staying with us for about 10 days. Today was my dad's birthday and also John, Mike's dad. I went over to my parents this morning to hang out and spend time with then and we went to Joe's BBQ so that my dad could get his free lunch. Mike and Uncle Tom went to hike superstition mountain and spread his dads ashes. I ended up not going because hiking with two kids is really not something that I felt like doing. So after he did the hike he went with Uncle Tom to a BBQ and they hung out all together and had some good laughs and memories about his dad. 

Tomorrow I think we are going to go out for breakfast but before that I am going to work out with Lisa in the morning because we really need to get into shape, well at least I do, I already think she looks great but that just me. The rest of the week we are going to be hanging out with Tom and trying to do a few things together as a family before he has to go back home. We want to go to the zoo one day and also to the pumpkin patch sometime.