5 MONTHS & The Dentist.

5 months really? I can not believe that my little guy is already 5 months old. It seems like just yesterday at the hospital waiting for him to come into the world. He got sick last week so we still have not gotten him in for his 4 month well check but that will be next week. I know when he was 4 months he was 18.10 pounds  and 27 1/2 inches long. I finally got a little camera that I like and understand how to use it and the best part it I got it on SALE at Target! Anyways, I needed to get some pictures of Seth because he was 5 months old of course so here they are :)

He didn't want anything to do with the camera.

Loving his bath

What a muffin

I just want to eat him up he is so adorable!

In his "Thing 1" towel!

Last week we took Sydney back to the dentist and she needs some work done on her top 4 teeth. We thought that we were going to be able to wait till they fall out but they are starting to hurt her now. So next wednesday they are going to put her to sleep and crown them. We do not have dental insurance so it is going to be quite a chunk of change but its either that or pull them. I actually thought about getting them pulled but if she is anything like me I did not lose my first tooth till I was 6 and that was on the bottom, and I did not lose the top teeth until I was 7 plus waiting for them to come it...it will be almost 4 years from now so I am getting them fixed, call me crazy for spending the money but I do not want her to have all 4 teeth up top gone for 4 years, thats way too long! So if you think about it pray for her because she will be out for about an hour and she will most likely be in some pain so she could use the extra prayers!