So I know its been a week since Halloween, it has been a crazy week but I finally have time to post some pictures of the fun night. Seth went as a caterpillar, it was Ezra's from last year. And Sydney went as Sandy from Grease and Topher went as Danny. They are so cute together! I can not wait until they are older so I can show them all the wonderful pictures Lisa and I have of these two crazy kids together. They both are insane when they are together. Sydney and Topher really love each other but at the same time they can fight like crazy. They really are two peas in a pod, they are so similar it is kinda scary. The other day Sydney hung out at the MacCallums and I went and picked her up and we were walking home and I asked her what she did and she told me everything she did. I said "I love you." She then says, "I love you too mom, and I love Topher." They are too funny!

Too Cute!

Danny and Sandy

My huge caterpillar!

The cutest octopus!

All the kids waiting...Sydney, Topher, Lorelai, and Drew

The cool bubble machine.

Walking to the next house. Trick-or-Treat!

My kiddos

Family shot first try, what is going on with my arm?

Second try was much better!

My little muffin.

We had a great time over at the MacCallum's. Thanks again for inviting us over we had a great time!