So Very Thankful.

I decided this year that I would take a moment on Thanksgiving and create a list of things that I am Thankful for this year, so here is my list this year:

1) My Lord and Savior. I still can't understand why he chose to save me and call me His own. I am so thankful for what He did for me on the cross and am reminded everyday by my sin that I am so much in need of a Savior. Through Christ I am forgiven, washed clean, and have the gift of eternal life. That is AMAZING!

2) My family. I have had my Michael by my side for the last 5 years and we have been through so much. We have had two beautiful children and lost two. We have also experienced a death in the family and without each other I do not think we would have made it. He does so much for me. He allows me to stay home with our kids while he works every day and I love it. He lets me not clean the house if I have a crazy day at home with the kids and he does not complain. He loves me with everything that he has. I am so thankful to have him as my husband and the father of our children. Gods story put the two of us together and I can't wait to see how the rest of it will unfold. I am so very thankful that I am able to not only be a wife but also a mother. It is such a wonderful blessing to be a mother and I would not trade it in for anything. I think with my first pregnancy since I was able to get pregnant quickly and it was an easy pregnancy I took it for granted and after losing two babies I have realize what a blessing, responsibility, and miracle it is to be blessed with children. Sydney is my amazing little girl. Even though she is so strong willed and hard to handle at times she always finds a way to fills my life with so much joy. Seth is my little muffin boy. Mike and I wanted this little boy so much & on June 22 2009 he finally let us hold him and what an amazing little boy he is. Also my parents for always being willing to watch the kiddos for us to either go run errands or go out, just the two of us, without the kiddos.

3) My friends. Friends come and go but I have always had a steady few that have never gone anywhere and I am so thankful for. Jerilyn, Dani, Nicole, guys have been such amazing and faithful friends & even though we do not see each other all the time or just talk on the phone I love knowing that you guys are on my side. Thanks you. A little over a year ago I started talking with Lisa, Matt (her husband) and Mike have been friends for a while and I would have never guess what kind of friendship that it would turn into. Besides Michael she has been by my side through so much, the loss of a baby, 9 months of a stressful pregnancy, a death of a family member, birth of Seth and the struggles that I have had since Seth and his diagnoses of CMV. I never thought that in our first year of friendship we would have gone through so much together but God does incredible things and this is one of them.

4. New family members and family friends. In June I had a chance to meet some of Mike's uncles and aunt for the first time. It was under unfortunate circumstance but it was so nice to finally get to meet them. They are all such nice and wonderful people, I just wish that during the family dinners that we did have with them while they were out here that John would have been enjoying them with us. The MacCallums have been a huge part in our lives. They have been to hell and back with us especially through the month of June. Matt was with Michael when his dad died and if I can not be the one with my husband during the hardest moment in his life that is the man that I want with him. The arrival of Seth brought on many doctors and without them I would have had to take Sydney with me to at least 2 doctor appointments a week. Thank you! The Heisler's, The Villone's, The Brown's, The Marshall's...thank you all for the love and support you give to me and our family.

5. The Body. I for the first time saw what it was like to have the body of Christ come to you in a time of need. When John passed away we had so many people calling and asking how they can help and we were shown so much love and support. There were so many people at his funeral it was an amazing time celebrating the life of John. Also after we had Seth. Since Seth was in the NICU for 11 days I had many people offer to help and watch Sydney or make us dinner. Thank you all for your willingness to help out our family in a time of need. Also one in particular, you know who you are...thanks for calling everyday that Seth was in the NICU and asking how I was doing with everything emotionally.

6. Doctors and medicine. I normally don't like doctors at all but now that I have a little boy that needs to see them a lot I am really thankful for them. I loved my OB and was bummed that he was not the Dr to deliver Seth but the Dr that did deliver him was amazing at that moment, cause he did what I wanted at that moment. All the other doctors that we see on a regular basis I'm so thankful that they got the schooling that they needed so that they can do all they are able to do for my little muffin. Seth has been on antibiotics his whole life so far and without them he would be one very sick little boy. Also all the other medication that he is on and will be on will help him through-out his life and without them he could have a very difficult time.

7. Orange Juice. Not any kind of orange juice, it has to be "Simply Orange". Ever since Seth has been born it is something that I have to have in the house at all times. When I was nursing I had to be careful how much orange juice I drank because it would upset his tummy, but now that I am not nursing anymore I can have as much as I want. I will be at the grocery store shopping and I will see a small bottle of orange juice and get it because I want it so bad. I love it so much.

8. Music/songs. I love to listen to music. I can not sing worth anything but there is something about listening to it. I love how I could be having a hard day and finding it hard to explain to people but then I hear a song that describes what is going on exactly and I love that. I love how I could be struggling with something and I can listen to a song that sings about what I am going through or it just encourages me. Recently I have cut out a lot of Sydney's tv time and I just play music in the background and I really love just listening to it.

9. Sour Patch Watermelons. Not many people know this but I LOVE them way too much. I can eat a whole bag of them within an hour and still want more. While Seth was in the NICU I think thats all I ate. Besides the fact that I really do love them, I think they make me feel like I am a kid again. I have no idea why because I never ate them as kids but oh my goodness they are amazing!

10. Lighting. Not the natural light which I am thankful for but rather light bulbs. Besides the fact that it is the way that my husband is able to support me and his family and how I am able to stay at home with our kids, my kids love lights. Sydney loves to turn lights on and off. She loves Christmas lights on houses and of course on the Christmas tree. Seth LOVES lights all kids of lights. He will stare at lights all day long if I would let him. Whenever he is cranky and its not bath night I can put him in his swing and he will stare at the Christmas tree with all the lights on it. I have always hated going anywhere with my husband after he got his job at Voss because the first thing he would do was look up at what kind of lights & light fixtures they use and he would make me guess. It drove me insane. Now I laugh at it but I also love the fact that my son can at least see the lights and that he loves looking at them.

So there you have it, that is my list of ten and I so much more to be thankful for but I could just keep going on and on so I think I am just going to end it at 10! I hope that everyone had a wonderful and fun THANKSGIVING!