Sydney's 3rd Birthday Party

November 14th we had a birthday party for Sydney at Makutu's Island and we all had a blast! It took her a while to get use to it but after that she had so much fun. We had all of her best little buddies there and she got some many fun new toys and things to do. I was going to have Lisa make a cake for Sydney's party but I did not order all of the stuff on time so it came on friday the 13th and we, meaning Mike, me, Lisa, and Matt had a wedding to go to which was so much fun but that made us have no time to get a cake done so we are going to use it for Seth's birthday cake. I can not believe that she is already 3 years old. I remember the day I found out I was pregnant but it doesn't seem like that long ago. Here are some pictures from the fun party!

Having some fun

My 3 year old

She would not go down the slide so I forced her to go with me

Not too happy with me

Trying to get to the slide

Almost there!

They are all so cute!

Justin with 2 of his girls...Sophie and Ashlyn

Mike and Syd

Kenzie and Drew eating some pizza

This is what Lisa thinks of Makutu's cake :)

Joe, Sydney & Topher

Getting ready to sing

Topher did not like the singing :)

Joslynn and Seth. They are 2 days apart and I think he is at least 5 pounds heavier.

Lorelai & Topher having some of the yummy cake

Oh, this little guys has a hold of my heart!

Eli really loving the cake

Sydney & Topher looking at the fish. She would have done that all day long if I let her.

Thanks everyone for coming and spending the morning celebrating my little girl. She had a great time and was so blessed to have all her little friends with her. Also thanks for all of the wonderful things that you got her!