5 Months

Seth is 5 months (nov 22) already...when the heck did that happen?? I can not believe how big he is getting and his face to me is looking so much older. He smiles so much more now and he loves to look at the lights on our Christmas tree. 

Here are some 5 month pictures of the muffin :)

No more pics!

He loves to take baths

One of my favorites!

He is such a muffin I cant stand it!

Oct 31st I took Seth to the after hours doctor appointment because I thought that he had another UTI. He was again peeing out mucus. So I took him in and saw a doctor that I really didn't like because his normal doc was not there. Anyways they told me that he should be fine and that they would send his urine to the lab and let me know. By Monday I got the call that his urine was fine and no infection...but yet in my head I knew that he had one because he was still peeing out mucus. I waited because they said he was fine and by Wednesday in the evening he vomited everywhere, meaning all over me and him. So I called his Dr office because it was 4:30pm and I wanted to get him in before the close but they could not get him in so I took him to goodnight peds. where I got in so quick and they got a urine sample (with the mucus) and he did have a UTI. They gave him a shot of antibiotics. They also drew blood because of the levels he could have possibly gone septic which is so not good and thank the Lord he was border line okay and I was able to take him home.

So he was still on antibiotics when his 4 month check up came around so I waited and then we had Sydney's birthday party and two days after that he got sick. He was sick from the 16-25 when I finally took him in again and he got put on an antibiotic again. So we finally got him in for his 4 month check up yesterday 12-2. He is 19.7 pounds (95%) 271/2 inches (90%) He is such a big boy!

So as of right now we have no reason to go into the pediatrician unless he gets sick or gets another UTI which is so nice. Within the next week or so we have to get in with the urologist because his circumcision for the 19th of November was canceled because he was sick. I am wanting to meet with them because I want to get the circ and his kidney reflux issues fixed all at the same time. So right now his new circ date is for the 7th of January. He also has a follow-up with his hearing doctor in January and he will have another hearing test done. He will also meet again with his neurologist as soon as he finishes his first bottle of his seizure medication.

We can not wait for Christmas here in the Marinello household and I am just praying that he can go one month without a UTI!