It has been a while since I have done a post :)

We got our family pictures done by Kacey and she is absolutely is her blog if you would like to see it. I will post some pictures once I get some. I had such a good time with her and we all had a great time and I was worried about Sydney but she has fun and actually smiled when she was asked. I so wish I had the artistic eye but I am just not like that and I have to get over that.

Last Saturday Sydney and Seth went over to Aunt Lisa and Uncle Matt's house for the night and Mike and I got to get away. We stayed at the Scottsdale Cottonwood Resort and also went to Farrelli's dinner and a movie. We saw Couples Retreat, it was really funny and Mike was laughing sooooo hard which always makes me laugh. It was really nice being able to not have to but the little guy down to bed and get Sydney ready for bed and all the drama for one night. And it was also so nice to wake up on my own and not hearing crying at 6am or Sydney yelling "mommy get up?" It was such a nice little break with my husband and being able to just relax with him and have one very normal relaxing night. We are so very thankful to have someone that is not afraid to watch Seth and who is comfortable enough just in case something does happen. Thanks so much Lisa.

This year for Christmas we have a busy week. On the 22nd we have my husband's work party in the afternoon and the kids are welcomed so that should be fun and interesting at the same time. I think the 23rd we are going over to the MacCallum's or they are coming here and we are going to do dinner and gifts which is going to be fun. I am so glad that my kids have another wonderful family in their lives and of course Sydney is in LOVE with Topher, she talked about him all the time and wants to see him every day. The first thing she says when she gets up in the morning is "gonna see Topher this morning?" If I say no she then says, "gonna see Lorelai today?" She loves them so much. I love the fact that there is someone besides immediate family that really loves my kids. Christmas Eve we are going over to my parents house for the evening to open gifts and spend sometime together. I think Steven and Caitie will be there so it will be nice to have the whole family together. Christmas Morning we always go to Mike's moms for breakfast and then we open gifts and watch some movies. I think this year we will hang out there for breakfast and gifts but come home and let the kids take a nap at home and then open up our family gifts with each other. I had a great time going out and getting Mike's Christmas gifts and one gift I can not wait to give him but I am still waiting for it to arrive. I hope that everyone has a wonderful CHRISTmas and I will be sure to post some pictures really soon!